small-scale violence in the world of warcraft

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

what happens when lady rng gets shnockered?

she rolls the same result, every time. you should lay off the hard stuff, lady rng.

last night i was leveling my warlock up in the kun-lai summit and picking fights with the local beasties in between quests. without fail, every time the third pet on the local team was a rare plains monitor. now, this was kinda cool at first, since it allowed me to toss the one poor quality one i started with, and replace it with a full stable of three rares. these are gonna come in handy when i begin to seriously push toward pro pet mob. but after the first three? it got a little depressing, having to deliberately kill rares. not to mention the fact that they took more work to down than their poor siblings.

i know the game wasn't doing this the last time i went through kun-lai. i'm curious to see how long it keeps up. a day? until the next server restart?


  1. I had 5 Mongoose Pups in a row in Townlong, all rare. I bit of me died inside :(

  2. I got 3 rares in ONE BATTLE.... the agony! (See blog for screenie).