small-scale violence in the world of warcraft

Thursday, November 29, 2012

new pet spells i'd love to see

in among the banana barrages and the chicken stampedes, there are a number of spells from full-scale world of warcraft that have been reborn in pet battles. for examples, feign death, heroic leap, and curse of doom. but there are still plenty of player abilities which are denied to our poor pets. so here is a list of spells i feel blizzard should, nay, needs to add to our pets' spellbooks:

hammer of the righteous
fire elemental totem
victory rush
ritual of summoning
army of the doods
teleport: moonglade
leap of faith

so what would pet versions of these spells do, exactly? i got no freaking clue. do i look like the details guy? shoot, i can't even do capitalization right....


  1. Technically, Frog Kiss is kind of a polymorph.

    1. Victory Rush could be almost a reverse Ravage, which heals you if you kill a pet with it.

    2. Ooh...misdirection could cause your enemy to accidentally cast his spell on one of their own backline pets, with the caveat that it has a chance to hit one of your backline pets instead.

      Ok, I'll stop spamming the comments now.

  2. good ideas, bro. thanks for the input. and spam comments all you want - google's paying for it!