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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

pet profile: twitchy mctwitch

twitchy mctwitch is an accomplished violinist and silent film critic. he likes boring through solid granite and beating pets up.

i picked up this rare topaz shale hatchling in deepholm (they can also be found in the orange side of maraudon). i like to configure him with leech life, sticky web, and stone rush. this gives attacks from three different families (undead, beast, and elemental) for maximum flexibility, and the high healing from alternating the first two counterbalances the self-damage from the third. if you prefer maximum survivability, you can switch from stone rush to stoneskin for five rounds of damage mitigation.

there are four variations of shale hatchlings running loose in the wild (topaz, crimson, amethyst, and emerald), all with the same abilities but somewhat different stats. there is also the tiny shale spider which drops from jadefang and is considered a rare.

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  1. Oh heyyy, I found one of these in Desolace too - they seem to be able to tack onto any fight in the zone. If I recall he was tagging along with a horny toad.