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Thursday, May 2, 2013

gotta catch some more of 'em

"gotta catch'em all" never really entered my mindset. i mean, i have a lot of pets, but there's still a bunch i don't, and i still sleep fine at night. but they are out there, waiting to at least be cataloged, whether i ultimately get to them or not.

so, here is the list of pets i don't have yet (omitting trading card game pets, collector's editions i didn' buy, promotions in china, etc) and what I would need to get them. should i choose to do so.

mulgore hatchling, ammen vale lashling, dun morogh cub, elwynn lamb, mechanopeep, shimmering wyrmlingdrag my butt back up to the argent tournament and do dailies
searing scorchlingdrag my butt back to the molten front, do dailies to buy the reward bag, then get lucky
clock'emdo more fights at the brawler's club
crawling clawkeep doing archeology and buying tol'vir fragments from brann bronzebottom. then get lucky
jade owl, sapphire cub, mechanical pandaren dragonlingremember that i've got characters that can craft these, and then craft them
aqua strider, azhure whelpling, crimson whelpling, darkmoon rabbit, disgusting oozeling, emerald whelpling, firefly, gundrack hatchling, hyacinth mccaw, ji-kun hatchling, lashtail hatchling, living sandling, lumpy, mojo, razzashi hatchling, snarly, son of animus, tiny shale spider, zandalari anklerendergo to the auction house and drop several metric craptons of gold
warbotremember that i can just buy this from a vendor now, and go do it
tiny flameflystop forgetting do finish that quest chain in the burning steppes
darkmoon eyecontinue to battle jeremy feasel every day the darkmoon faire is in town. and get extremely lucky
fox kit, rustberg gullgo back to tol barad, and grind out dailies
gold mini jousterdo that quest in mount hyjal again, and this time remember that i've already got like seven blue jousters
hoplingdo that thing you gotta do in the stormstout brewery. with the magic beer or whatever it was
jublingdo that thing at the darkmoon faire. something to do with dark iron ale or somesuch
porcupettekeep doing daily npc tamer pet battles, then get lucky
qiraji guardlingsummer is coming
snow pandakeep doing the fabled beasts daily. triple the odds when 5.3 lands!
spawn of g'nathusarmtwist my friends into helping me kill g'nathus
spectral porcupettegrind on dinosaurs
sumprush rodentkeep working on operation: shieldwall dailies
tiny red carp, tiny white carpjust keep fishing. just keep fishing
lil' tarecgosaget my guild rep up in one of the raiding guilds i have an alt in, then go buy it
thundering serpent hatchlingget an alt in a way better guild
wild crimson hatchling, wild golden hatchling, wild jade hatchlingget my butt in gear and grind out all the order of the cloud serpent rep, then capture them


  1. That list looks so organised!
    Hmmm ideas.

    1. yes, the list is organized. everything else, not so much :P

  2. I think I have an extra Lamb I can trade to you if you would like.

    1. nice of you to offer! but i'd rather save it for a time when i don't have anything else to work on, just in case. like i said, i don't feel any urgency to finish out the collecting. many thank you, though!

  3. Now that I've found you, again . . . (how'd I miss this blog, btw?)