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Thursday, May 30, 2013

balancing time vs reward

one complaint frequently aired on the official pet battle forum is that it takes far too long to do all the pet battle dailies. which, well, is true. it does take a long time. which is why i don't do them all.

here's what i've been doing, most days. i start with the thundering pandaren spirit, conveniently (if you're horde) located in the hills above the shrine of two moons. if you bring a fast rabbit as your first pet, this fight is fairly easy and you can let a baby go in as your second pet to get the xp. then it's down into the vale of eternal blossoms for aki the chosen. send in a baby pet first, then a crab with shell shield and healz to clear out her first two pets. pretty much any bird can finish off her last one.

next i cross the mountains into the valley of the four winds. maybe pause for a few minutes to harvest golden lotus on the farm, or motes of spirited away, or whatever i planted yesterday. across the fields to farmer nishi, who is easy like a sunday morning. pretty much any strategy works worth her - i go with a water strider to take out her elementals (swapping in a baby pet to take a hit when toothbreaker does his night of the living turnips move), and finish it off with my darkmoon tonk's ion cannon of badassity.

finally, it's knock beasts of fable book ii time. these guys give lousy xp, so i don't bother trying to level baby pets of them. conveniently located in the valley are mostly harmless yi (easily downed by team yeti) and greyhoof (call lightning and let slip the ion cannons of war). just across the border in the krasarang wilds is skit-skit-skittererer xi'a (all darkness and nocturnal strike spam). and then i'm done.

so how'd i make out? 20 valor points, three big fat lumps of xp for baby pets, four shots at flawless battle-stones, a shot at an earth spirit pet, and a shot at a panda pet. all in under twenty minutes. feels good to me.


  1. Farmer Nishi is so easy you can actually have two baby pets. The way I do it is with my (level 25) Sea Pony. Just have Tidal Wave, Rain, and Pump for abilities. Nishi's first pet will only ever cast Sunlight and self heal. All you need to do is turn the weather to rainy, hit pump once to get bonus on your aquatic abilities, and then keep hitting Tidal Wave. The back pets will die well before the front line pet and you can easily finish the active pet off with the second hit from Pump.

    1. The problem with that is that I want all the XP for one pet usually, and Nishi is so easy it's like one of the simple starters. And I too just tend to do 4 pet battles in my travels, those being the Thundering, Aki, Whats-his-name-with-the-stupid-pat-wandering-near-him in Townlong, and Fire spirit. Mostly because I am fishing those areas looking for elusive carp.