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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

holy hand grenade of antioch sold separately

the darkmoon rabbit is a pet which drops off of a world boss that spawns on darkmoon island, also known as the darkmoon rabbit. because it only drops one pet, and only spawns a few times a month, the supply of pets is fairly limited. the pet itself is unique (i think it's the same polygons as the crude basic rabbit, but with a more detailed texture applied). consequently, the auction house prices have been bid to astronomic levels - i was amazed to see it listed for 80k on my server, but apparently 200k is not unheard of. wow.

now, if you're a pet collector who wants one of everything, then only you can decide how much a unique pet is worth to you. for a pet battler looking for an advantage, though, the value is easy to determine: same as any other rabbit.

for starters, don't be fooled by the fact that the tooltip is epic. this means nothing, and i really wish blizzard would stop pulling this nonsense. the battle pet is rare. it has the same stats as a rare level one alpine hare you can catch in dun murogh. it does have a couple of unique abilities - huge, sharp, teeth! and vicious streak - but these are sidegrades from the standard rabbit abilities. possibly better in certain circumstances, but also possibly worse. certainly not worth dropping a small fortune for.

so, if you want a unique pet model, and you understand that's all you're getting, then rock on. but don't get suckered into thinking that because it is hard to obtain or has a pretty tooltip that it is somehow "better" or "op" for battling. 'cause it ain't.


  1. I managed to snag one of these bad boys off the AH for about 50K and I've never seen another on there since. Our server is a low population one, so I'll probably never get to actually kill the rabbit myself and earn the achievement for it.

    Also, have you noticed that the DMF Pet Battler's pets are considered "epic" quality with the purple borders? Could this mean that we could eventually get epic ones of our own or even upgrade them to it?

  2. yup, he's packin' purples. you actually first encounter epic pets when you get to grand master pet tamer obalis in uldum, and they continue in pandaria. grand master pet tamer aki the chosen in the vale actually introduces the first legendary pets. i don't think these are an indication that we'll be getting our own purples, though. rather, it's just a counterbalance against our flexibility in being able to select pets for a particular opponent. since the right rares can beat a fixed team of legendaries, there's no need for us to get better pets (at least for now).

  3. There were also epic upgrade stones on the PTR. They've said that they will likely allow us to upgrade further in a later patch.

  4. I'd love to be able to add this pet to my collection. I just don't see it happening any time soon. I did manage to kill it once a couple of months ago so I was really happy to at least get the achievement.

  5. @leo - i imagine epic battle-stones will be accompanied by new challenges. so, yeah, someday. it will be interesting, i think.

    @cymre - i'm actually not all that into collecting, surprisingly enough, so i'll probably never get one myself. if the price is right (meaning a lot less than 80k) i'd get one for the missus though.