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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pet Profile: Wild Eyes Ramona

Type: Aquatic

Species: Softshell Snapling

Source: Capturable in Valley of the Four Winds. Other turtles have the same or nearly the same abilities.

Interests: Relaxing with a glass of pinot grigio, slow walks along the beach, and beating other pets up.

I captured Ramona as a level 22, and leveled her to 25 as part of the quest for All Pets Allowed. Her combat style is a slow methodical approach, using her high health and defensive abilities to wear her opponent down. When battling she typically opens with Shell Shield (refreshing it every five rounds), then use Powerball until she's got the speed advantage over the enemy. At that point it's hammer away with Bite (pve) or Grasp (pvp) until the end.

She's named for Ramona Singer and her pinot grigio-fuelled "turtle time" dance:

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  1. haha, nice comparison...almost as if you're looking at the same picture twice ;)