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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

raiding with leashes ii progress

farming the burning crusade raids for the pets has been a big honkin' time sink for me since patch 5.3 went live a few weeks ago. i've been running karazhan with a dozen different toons each week, and tempest keep and serpentshrine cavern with several. along he way i have discovered a few things. loot reaver is immune to leaching poison, which resulted in my poor level 85 rogue getting smooshed rather brutally. on the other hand, a level 90 protection warrior's second wind talent regenerates health fast enough that i was able to go afk for several minutes right in the middle of lady vashj's phase 2 with no trouble.

so, how am I doing on finding the new pets?

bosspet for juliepet for me
big bad wolfx*-
terestian stranglehoofxx
prince malchezaarxx
void reaverx-
high astronomer solarianxx
hydross the unstable--
morogrim tidewalkerx-
lady vashj--
* = i just went and bought one off the auction house for julie

big bad wolf has been my nemesis in karazhan. he shows up plenty of times in the opera event, he just has yet to drop the pet for me. bastard. good news is, since he's fairly early in he tower, i'm not spending a lot of time there anymore. if it was prince i still needed pets from, and i was still having to run chess many times each week, i'd be a sad ratters.

as for the rest? they'll drop eventually. and then tito will be mine! but i do wish ssc was easier to get to, particularly when things go south and you have to run from one of those graveyards halfway across the zone....

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  1. I'm having a time of trying to get Vash'j down (she's no lady!). That run is no fun!

    Hope your pets drop soon for you! My list is a lot less populated then yours, though I seem to have a wealth of direhorn runts after every 30 minute run to the Isle of Giants :)