small-scale violence in the world of warcraft

Monday, January 7, 2013


so, looking at my armory page, i see that i have four level 23 rares, twenty-five level 22 rares, and twenty-nine level 21 rares. all of these have just been sitting on ice since i captured them. meanwhile, i only have nine pets to go to achieve pro pet mob and pick up a singing cricket. yet all my attempts to focus on reaching the achievement efficiently keep getting derailed because i get distracted and end up leveling cooler looking pets up (rare or otherwise) up from 1.

so, so hard to be disciplined and level yet another raccoon or grasshopper, when there's baby elephants and pandaren spirits and the luggage....


  1. Nothing wrong with that. You are working on leveling legitimate battlers, rather than gaming the system.

    1. "leveling legitimate battlers", yeah, that's the ticket. sounds way more respectable than "ooh, that one looks cool!"

  2. I have a bad case of the shinies, too. But, yeah, go with what they said. Sounds very professional, for a pro pet battler like yourself. ;)